Wednesday, 2 March 2011

What land calls?

Greetings fellow denizens of the world wide web,

        My birth name is Devan, my friends casually refer to me as Zeratul. I hail from the realm of Bathurst. In this spiraling downward abyss I call home, there is nothing to do. As a byproduct of this, I have acquired an appreciation for the video gaming culture. In between rigorous gaming sessions, I enjoy the company of my fellow comrades as we contemplate life in the presence of excessive amount of murder curls, compliments of the local gym and its haggard cult of, "Gym rats." It is with most shame and displeasure that I must admit I currently attend a university. As most of you may have inferred, I have a great passion for music as it allows me to escape the realm of academic probation for a general average of 2 to 4 minutes at a time. Musical Bliss. Due to my ability to strum repetitive, primitive, tasteless notes on my beloved guitar, the less intelligent and vastly inferior sex is attracted to myself. I find this beneficial.

       I feel as if we are quickly becoming best of friends, essentially what I have discussed above shall be elaborated upon, in agonizing detail, in future posts.


I roid rage, I fuck da bitches, I study pointless crap to improve my working at a gas station skills, and while I'm at it, I manage to maintain an incredibly disappointing K : D ratio. In an attempt to cope with the above, I will be posting depressing rants often. Oh yeah, my name is Zeratul by the way.

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